Monitor, analyse and optimize your battery fleet

What's wrong with batteries?

EV fleet operators rely on information provided by the battery manufacturer to handle their batteries. However, battery behavior is tightly related to usage habits and environmental factors. And since battery manufacturers cannot cover all possible scenarios in lab and field tests, fleet operators face sudden failures, battery waste and increased operational and maintenance costs.

What We Do

Reduce inventory costs, battery waste, and sudden failures

dox platform

Battery Alerts

Get notified 3 months ahead of a battery failure or anomaly. Using a state-of-the-art machine learning algorithm, our software will let you know when a battery is going to fail.

Automatic Scheduling

Our software will automatically schedule maintenance tasks for your team. Whether it was battery replacement or check-up, each technician/engineer will receive a notification on his/her device about the tasks assigned.

Battery Analytics

With a user-friendly and easy to understand dashboard, you will be able to check battery metrics and compare battery performance. You will be able to forecast battery demand based on data instead of statistics.


Our set of APIs will help you integrate our software with your existing solution. This will help you leverage the power of our machine learning algorithm while centralizing the display of information.

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